I create art.

Some people say I'm an artist.

Undistracted by Accident is a project that blends together colour, creativity, change and experimentation with education.

And art.

Lots and lots of art.

I'm Jane Boyd.

I'm an educator -- and -- more recently, I've become a bit of an artist. And yes, it happened quite by accident. Literally.

I began creating art after receiving a concussion in 2016. You know all that stuff you hear about how difficult concussions are? Well -- it's true!  And -- apparently, in rare cases a head injury can result in the release of dormant potential. For me -- that seems to have been the case -- at least as far as the art and new ways of thinking goes. There really is no other way to explain my new found  focus, love and fascination with creating art, working with colour and deep appreciation for the creative process.

Up until my accident, I considered myself to be the most unartistic person ever. You know -- stick person drawings.  Sure -- I "appreciated art" -- but I didn't think of myself as a someone who created with colour. And I actually disliked many styles of art. Especially abstract art.

Now it's different.

Very different.

So yes -- Undistracted by Accident is an experimental project in bringing together colour, creativity and change with education. And this page represents a new -- and -- additional area of focus on the 45 Conversations website.

The more time I spend creating art, the more I see connections to the day to day work I do in education. Over the last while, I've come to realize that art represents so much of what it is that we as educators strive to do in our work with children (and families) as well as with each other.

Art opens the doors to a great many possibilities and opportunities for educators and children. 

The creation of art is an open experience that allows for constant risk-taking and exploration.

The creative process supports and encourages independence and self-direction.

Engaging in exploration through art is a great way to problem solve and find creative solutions to challenging situations. It's amazing what one can discover when immersed in paint, colour and creativity.

Working on art projects supports communication and collaboration -- not only through the art creation process -- but in real life too. The skills one learns through creation are transferable to many other areas.

There are many, many ways to be part of the process of art creation. Art is inclusive, accessible and welcoming -- in a multitude of ways.

Plus SO much more!


Through Undistracted by Accident, I share about my own art journey, learnings and experiences as well as information, resources and creative professional development for educators -- and anyone else who might be interested.

The truth is that much of Undistracted by Accident is still a work in progress. And while how I came to art is my story -- where Undistracted by Accident ultimately goes -- is the story of all who want to be part of whatever it becomes.

Be sure to check out the information below to learn more about current workshops, education and speaking presentations I offer through Undistracted by Accident.

I welcome you to connect with me if you have questions or simply want to chat about my story.

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Education, Resources & More 

As part of the Undistracted by Accident Project, I’ve developed several new face to face ECE topic specific workshop experiences designed to mix professional development and creativity into something amazing. Each workshop includes art — lots and lots of art as well as information and education.

 It's fun, brilliance and colourful learning at it's best!

These workshops are not "how to art" workshops, rather they are ECE topic specific. Their unique difference is that hey use art projects as a way to support the learning, conversation and content delivery. They are fun -- and -- unique.

Current workshops titles are listed below. They are offered in 3 or 6 hour versions. To learn more about pricing and booking visit here.

Pastels & Potential ProD Workshop

Art media used: a wide range of pastels, paper and supporting materials.

Topic focus: Potential - personal, professional, program and child.

Crayons & Change ProD Workshop

Art media used: a wide range of crayons, paper and supporting materials.

Topic focus: Change - understanding change, coping with change and change personally and professionally.

Painting & Professionalism ProD Workshop

Art media used: various types of paint - oil, watercolour, acrylic etc, paper, canvas and supporting materials.

Topic focus: Professionalism in the field of early childhood education and program delivery.

Creativity & Collaboration ProD Workshop

Art media used: various types of paint - oil, watercolour, acrylic etc, paper, canvas, pastels, crayons, pencil crayons, markers, toys  and supporting materials.

Topic focus: Collaboration in the field of early childhood education and program delivery.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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