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You are invited to be part of a special group of Early Childhood Educators, Early Years Professionals, Special Needs Educators and Homeschooling Parents! Join us for this interactive, online learning experience.

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This Online Workshop Covers:

  • Day 1: Workshop Welcome & General Information

    Learn all about the workshop, what you will be working on and how it will unfold!

  • Day 3: The Follow The Child Pathway

    Learn about the 'Follow the Child Pathway' Model. You will be introduced to the two sides of the pathway and how they reconnect to form a holistic model.

  • Day 5: The "Practice Side" of the Pathway

    Focus on and how following the child relates to supporting self direction and independence in young children within early learning and care environments. Understand the benefits of supporting self direction and independence in young children within early learning and care environments. Identify at least 5 ways you can immediately begin supporting self direction and independence with the young children you work with on a day to day basis.

  • Day 7: Workshop Completion

    Review your work and make final submission to ECE Workshops for your 6 Hour Professional Development Certificate.

  • Day 2: The 'Follow the Child Pathway' Model

    Learn about the concept of “following the child.” Generally understand how “following the child” relates to supporting self direction and independence in young children within early learning and care environments.

  • Day 4: The "Personal Side" of the Pathway

    Spend time on the “Personal Side” of The Follow The Child Pathway Model. Explore your personal beliefs and philosophy related to supporting child independence in early learning and care environments. Understand how your beliefs can impact the children you care for, your fellow team members and the quality of program operations.

  • Day 6: Bringing Personal & Practice Together

    Learn about bringing the Personal Side and Practice Side of The Follow The Child Pathway together.

  • Future Days

    Receive future communications from ECE Workshops about self-directed learning and supporting independence in young children. Receive discounts on future online workshops and discover ways to earn credits toward future learning opportunities.

Learn How Children Can Be Self-Directed & Independent from the Earliest of Years

Online ECE Workshop - New 6 Hours ProD - Start NOW!


You will find this Online ECE Workshop packed with great learning value!

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Begin It's Not About Easy -- It's About Following The Child Today!


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Through This Online Professional Development Experience You Will:

Understand the concept of "following the child" and how it relates to self-directed learning.

Assess your own personal beliefs and philosophies to determine how those beliefs can impact the children you care for, your team, and the environment you want to create.

Understand the benefits of supporting self-direction and independence in young children within early learning and care environments.

Identify five ways you can begin supporting self-direction and independence with the young children in your care.

Create a learning environment that puts child self-directed independence at the forefront.

6 Hours of Affordable Professional Development

Practical, helpful and useful learning.

Delivered via easy to follow emails.

Includes access to interactive conversations, 5 online quizzes, reflective learning experiences and more!

Developed by Canadian Early Childhood Educator, Jane Boyd.

Sign up for this online ECE workshop if you want to:


Create a self-directed learning environment that reduces disruptive behaviour issues.

Design a homeschooling environment that benefits both you & your child.

Enable independence in children from early ages.

Empower your team to create an environment where everyone can flourish.


Common Questions About Our Online Workshops


Q -  Who are ECE Workshops designed for?

A - Early Childhood Educators, Special Needs Educators, Infant-Toddler Educators, Program Supervisors, Montessori Teachers, Kindergarten Teachers, Home Schooling and Home Learning Parents, Professionals working in fields related to Early Childhood Education, Preschool Teachers, Family Child Care Providers, Multi-Age Care Providers and more . . .

Q - How much experience do I need to have in the field to take this workshop?

A - Our workshops are designed to meet the needs of people who are new to the field as well as seasoned educators. We provide a range of information, ideas and practical tips that are applicable at many levels.

Q - Do ECE Workshops suit the needs of learners who are ESL?

A - Our workshops are designed to be flexible, easy to follow and helpful. Since you can work through them at your own pace you can take your time to understand the information that is being presented. Jane Boyd has worked and taught many educators who are ESL, so she is understanding of their learning needs. While our workshops are not specific to the needs of ESL students, they are certainly suitable for individuals who new to working in the field in English speaking programs, schools etc. You should be able to read and write basic English -- though of course you can use support for this through many of the different translation apps that can be found online.

Q - Do I need to know a lot about using technology to take this online workshop?

A - This online workshop is designed to be easy to use. Each email is clearly structured and you are provided with all the information and links you need to have a successful learning experience. You will be asked to log-in to a few password protected learning pages, but these are clearly identified and very easy to access. You can complete the whole workshop from a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone!

Q - I want to use this workshop for professional development hours related to my work as an Early Childhood Educator. Will the certificate be recognized?

A - Our Online ECE Workshops are created with the BC ECE Registry renewal requirements in mind. These state that Early Childhood Educators are required to complete 40 hours of professional development over the course of their certification term. (If you live in another part of Canada, it’s likely that our professional development certificates will be acceptable for your professional development hours. Outside of Canada, we are less able to confirm if our workshops would be acceptable.) Remember — you should keep track of your certificate expiry date so that you have enough time to finish the necessary professional development courses or programs. And you should choose courses or workshops that are relevant to working in the early childhood field – choose topics like:

Child growth and development

Child guidance

Advocacy for children, families and the field

History of early childhood education

Self-care as related to supporting effective practice

Development of program policies

Addressing human resource issues

Managing child care programs

Maintaining children’s health, safety and nutrition

Interpersonal communication

Special needs

Infant & toddler

Q - Tell me more about the certificate I will receive -- is it specific to my learning experience?

A - Upon successful completion of an Online ECE Workshop, we will provide you with a certificate that you can use toward your 40 hours. The certificate will contain a unique number that is linked directly to your learning experience with us. We log all of your work and interaction in our online learning management system and our customer relationship management software.

Q - Do you guarantee that ECE Workshops will be acceptable or recognized by my employer or an official government department/agency/association in my area?

A - In short no -- there are simply too many variables related to this for us to make such a promise . . . BUT --

In the event that our professional development certificate is not acceptable or approved related to your certification or license renewal, we will do what we can to provide you with additional information and documentation to help you demonstrate your learning experience. 

We work hard to ensure our workshops are high quality and we believe they should be acceptable in BC and many other areas in Canada. We know our workshops provide our students with an excellent learning experience.

Q -  What is the refund policy for ECE Workshops?

A - All ECE Workshops are non refundable or transferable.


  • "I am glad I took this workshop! It's full of practical ideas and I can use my learnings in the work I do with children and families right away!
    Recent ECE Learner

Developed by Jane Boyd

Meet JaneJane Boyd is a highly connected & visionary leader who builds local & global community — face to face and online. As a lifelong entrepreneur, she is the CEO of 45 Conversations, a company that helps build great places to learn, work, live & create.

With more than 25 years experience addressing small business, work-life, education, employee engagement and early learning issues Jane is a recognized authority when it comes to developing customized work-life and child care solutions. She works with businesses of all sizes – from solopreneurs to huge global brands, all levels of government, NGO’s, educational institutions & First Nation communities.

Jane's client list has included VanCity, Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers, Envision Financial, PWC, Electronic Arts Canada, BC Housing, City of Richmond and countless other organizations. Through her work, Jane has been directly involved in securing more than $2.75 million dollars in funding for projects relating to business collaboration, work-life balance, employee wellbeing, education, community development and child care.

Jane is passionate about self-directed learning, mixed philosophy programming and supporting children with exceptional needs. She has been licensed as an Early Childhood Educator, Special Needs Educator and Infant-Toddler Educator in 4 Canadian Provinces.

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