Meet Emma Boyd

Emma Boyd is a talented Canadian athlete and student from Tsawwassen, British Columbia Canada. She is a member of the Team Canada Program - 2017-18 Canadian Development Squad for Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB).

Emma's 2017 lawn bowling accomplishments include:

    • WIBC Junior Championships 2017 - Mixed Triples - 1st (with Mark O’Hagan of Scotland and Dan Salmon of Wales.)
    • 2017 - Canadian Indoor Singles Champions - Women's  - Silver
    • 2017 Canadian Junior Championships - Bronze
    • 2017 - Women's Provincial Indoor Pairs, Pacific Indoor Lawn Bowling Club B.C (with Pricilla Westlake) - 1st
    • 2017 - BC Provincial Junior Lawn Bowling Championships - Competitor - Received Gold Medal
    • 2017 - Women's Provincial Indoor Triples, Pacific Indoor Lawn Bowling Club B.C (with Pricilla Westlake & Carah Webster) - 2nd
    • 2017 - Women's BC Provincial Indoor Singles, Pacific Indoor Lawn Bowling Club B.C - 4th
    • 2017 - Open Pairs  -  SIBO Championships - 1st (with Pricilla Westlake)
    • 2017 - Vancouver and District Junior Lawn Bowling - Competitor - 1st Place (4th time)

Athletic Sponsorship for Emma Boyd

Sponsorship Levels

Emma Boyd Meets Gary Vaynerchuk

Recently,  Emma had the opportunity to meet Gary Vaynerchuk,  American entrepreneur, four-time New York Times bestselling author, speaker, and internet personality and introduce him to the sport of lawn bowls.

So for the past seven years I've been lawn bowling. After lots of hard work, dedication and competition wins and losses this year I'm excited to say I made it onto the Canadian national team, my next goal is to start competing internationally. A big thank you to my coaches @pricilla_westlake, Mary Hargreaves and Steve Santana who've helped me, inspired me and never gave up on me. And also none of this would have been able to happen without my awesome mom @boydjane. Lawn bowling is an up and coming sport that is actively being considered for inclusion in future Olympic Games! So yes -- I have Olympic dreams and I'm doing the work to make them happen! Last night I had another amazing step in my journey, I met @garyvee -- he is an amazing entrepreneur who owns @vaynermedia I am so thankful for the time he gave me to talk about my long term plans for my lawn bowling career. And appreciate that he is thrilled to help me secure potential sponsors and tell my story. Also huge thanks to @davidrock for chatting with me last night too, Really inspirational people. #garyvee #vaynermedia #vaynernation #vaynersports #lawnbowls #teamcanada #rts2017

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Read Emma's Own Story of Becoming a Lawn Bowler

Emma, her grandmother Mary Hargreaves and her coach Steven Santana

When my grandmother Mary Hargreaves first introduced me to the sport of Lawn Bowls I had no idea I would be as hooked as I am now, eight years later! She encouraged and welcomed youth to lawn bowling throughout Metro Vancouver, and started taking me out to the green too. It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with the game!

My name is Emma Boyd, and I am a 17-year-old high school student, set to graduate in the summer of 2018. I live with my family in British Columbia, Canada. Two years ago I was appointed to the Canadian Youth Squad and the Development Squad for 2017 - 2018.

Over the past two years, I have accomplished quite a lot in the Canadian bowling scene. My most recent accomplishment was at the Women’s Canadian Indoor Singles Championships, which were held in Vancouver in late October through early November 2017. It was my first time playing in an Adult National event in Canada. Ultimately, I earned a spot playing in the final match against Pricilla Westlake, who is a member of the Senior National Team in Canada, where she took gold and I won silver. It was an amazing experience to compete against Pricilla, as earlier this year we won first prize competing in Open Pairs at the SIBO Championships, which is currently one of the largest cash prize competitions in North America.

Increasingly, I am traveling more for competitions, which is opening up many new opportunities for me! Within Canada, I have been to competitions in the provinces of Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, and all over my home province of British Columbia. This past summer, while in Nova Scotia, I competed in the National U18 Singles and claimed the bronze medal for my home province, British Columbia. I love that lawn bowling enables me to meet new people and make friends with people of all ages. Of course, travel for bowling adds a bit of pressure to each game because you’re in front of a new crowd, new green, and a different venue. Finding how to adjust to the unfamiliar aspects of the green is key. I usually try to arrange my travel so that I arrive early enough to be well rested and ready to go for competitions. I also do my best to maintain healthy eating and training while on the road because this helps me stay at my top performance level.

Being on the National Squad in Canada has significantly improved my technique, skill level and playing capacity. I’m very thankful for the opportunity and am constantly honing my abilities with the support of our National Coach, Darryl Fitzgerald as well as with my own coach in the Metro Vancouver area, Steven Santana. In the next round of National Squad selections, I hope to have the opportunity to move up to the Senior Squad and start competing internationally for Bowls Canada Boulingrin.

In December 2017, I will be representing Canada on an individual basis at my first international competition, the World Indoor Bowls Council U25 Championships in Newport, Wales. Through this experience, I hope to gain increased knowledge about playing internationally as well as greater overall confidence about bowls. This experience will also help me to further build my foundational skills and abilities, which I believe will support me to meet my ultimate goal of representing Canada in bowls competitions in Australia. I’m very excited to have the opportunity to begin playing at the international level; it will be an amazing learning experience and a chance to be among the best young bowlers in the world.

More About Emma Boyd

Over the years, Emma has been active in a variety of sports and community activities. From gymnastics to field hockey to track & field to basketball to volleyball to fastball -- you name it -- Emma has played it. Even lawn bowling!  Not only is Emma a skilled athlete -- but she's a great team player too. In June 2017, she was recognized with an Outstanding Athlete Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Senior Girls Basketball at South Delta Secondary School.

Emma Boyd
Emma Boyd, fellow team member, and coach - Outstanding Athlete Award in Senior Girls Basketball 2017

Beyond the many sports that Emma plays, she is also an active volunteer, having supported a number of different community-based youth activities in her community.

In addition, Emma has been employed on a part-time basis in two retail stores in the recently opened Tsawwassen Mills Mall -- though she recently took a break from work in order to compete at the International level. A natural leader  -- and not yet graduated from high school -- Emma was quickly promoted to a management role in one of her jobs.

AND . . . Emma's commitment has not stopped with sport or community or work -- she has also been able to do well in high school, having been recognized for her academic effort and achievements multiple times in recent years.

Emma Boyd -  Lawn Bowling History

Emma picked up her first lawn bowl when she was 10 years old. Introduced to the game by her grandmother -- Mary Hargreaves -- Emma began hitting the green more and more. Almost 7 years later -- Emma is not only hooked -- she's exceptionally good at the sport.  You see, training, practice, winning and losing - over and over - well -- it pays off.

Emma's top four finish at the 2016 Canadian Junior Championships earned her a place on the Canadian Youth Squad for one year. She is working to maintain this placement with the goal of finishing in the top four in either the Junior or U25 Championships which will be held in Nova Scotia in the Summer of 2017.  Through her commitment to the sport, her focus, training and pure love of rolling the bowl -- she made the decision in late 2016 to apply to become a member of the  Team Canada program for Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB). In early 2017, Emma was selected as a member of the 2017-18 Canadian Development Squad by Bowls Canada Boulingrin (BCB).  This provides Emma with access to increased levels of coaching, training and also opens the door for her to compete in more competitions - locally, nationally and internationally. Through this program, Emma is now able to receive additional coaching support from Darryl Fitzgerald of Waterloo, Ontario who is the National Coach – Development Squads.

Pricilla Westlake, Emma Boyd, Mary Hargreaves and Steven Santana
Pricilla Westlake, Emma Boyd, Mary Hargreaves and Steven Santana

In early 2017, Steven Santana, who has previously won gold for Team Canada, became Emma's main coach. Prior to this she was coached by Pricilla Westlake, who recently won gold at the World Youth Bowls Championships and by her grandmother Mary Hargreaves, who oversees the Junior Program for the Vancouver & District Bowls Association.

Emma Boyd's Lawn Bowling Accomplishments

  • 2011 - BC Provincial Junior Lawn Bowling Championships - Competitor
  • 2012 - BC Provincial Junior Lawn Bowling Championships - Competitor
  • 2013 - BC Provincial Junior Lawn Bowling Championships - Competitor
  • 2014 - BC Provincial Junior Lawn Bowling Championships - Competitor - Received Bronze Medal
  • 2014 - Awarded - Most Improved Junior Lawn Bowler - Tsawwassen Lawn Bowling Club
  • 2014 - Vancouver and District Junior Lawn Bowling - Competitor - 1st Place (1st time)
  • 2015 - Vancouver and District Lawn Bowling Adult/ Junior Triples - Competitor - 1st Place
  • 2015 - Vancouver and District Junior Lawn Bowling - Competitor - 1st Place (2nd time)
  • 2015 - Awarded Craig Wilson Under 15 Cup for Lawn Bowling in B.C from Bowls BC
  • 2015 - BC Provincial Junior Lawn Bowling Championships - Competitor - Received Gold Medal
  • 2015 - Canadian Junior National Championships - Competitor - 5th place
  • 2016 - Vancouver and District Junior Lawn Bowling - Competitor - 1st Place (3rd time)
  • 2016 - BC Provincial Junior Lawn Bowling Championships - Competitor - Received Silver Medal
  • 2016 - Canadian Junior National Championships - Competitor - 4th place
  • 2017 - Women's Provincial Indoor Triples, Pacific Indoor Lawn Bowling Club B.C (with Pricilla Westlake & Carah Webster) - 2nd
  • 2017 - Women's Provincial Indoor Pairs, Pacific Indoor Lawn Bowling Club B.C (with Pricilla Westlake) - 1st
  • 2017 - Women's Provincial Indoor Singles, Pacific Indoor Lawn Bowling Club B.C - 4th
  • 2017 - Vancouver and District Junior Lawn Bowling - Competitor - 1st Place (4th time)
  • 2017 - BC Provincial Junior Lawn Bowling Championships - Competitor - Received Gold Medal
  • 2017 Canadian Junior Championships - Bronze
  • 2017 - Open Pairs  -  SIBO Championships - 1st
  • 2017 - Canadian Indoor Singles Champions - Women's  - Silver

 Emma Boyd Loves One Sport the Most - Lawn Bowls

Now it may come as a surprise -- but of all the sports Emma plays -- the one she absolutely loves the most is lawn bowls. That's right -- lawn bowling is not just for old people! You see, in Canada, the times are changing for this sport. Emma is very fortunate to be part of a core group of Canadian youth who have truly taken to lawn bowls and who are helping to raise awareness about the opportunities it can offer young athletes.

In many other countries -- Australia, England, New Zealand and more -- lawn bowling is actually a pretty big sport. What's more -- World Bowls has now begun the process for lawn bowls to be recognized by the IOC -- so hopefully one day it can be considered for inclusion at the Olympics. It's a long road -- but a promising one too. And Emma Boyd is on it.

For Emma, lawn bowling offers a million opportunities as a young athlete - travel, competition, skilled growth as an athlete and a world of connections and friendships within the local and global lawn bowls community.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 12.53.36 PM

Building Sponsorship & Brand Partner Relationships

There are many opportunities before Emma Boyd as she moves forward in her lawn bowling career and makes plans for post-secondary education after she graduates Grade 12 in June 2018. After Canadian competitions in the Summer of 2018, Emma is planning to spend time lawn bowling in the Midlands area of the UK. Beginning in the Fall of 2018, Emma's goal is to be able to relocate to Australia for an extended period of time so she can immerse herself in all aspects of lawn bowling training and competition.

 What Emma Boyd Believes In

  • Healthy living.
  • Positive Connections.
  • Living a happy life.
  • Equal opportunities for women -- in sport, education, work, and life.
  • Having fun doing the things you love.

As an active young woman who believes in, role models and demonstrates positive messaging related to health, wellness, fitness and sports Emma is an exceptional leader. She is also a great ambassador for lawn bowls - locally, provincially, nationally and around the world. Since lawn bowling is a sport that appeals to many ages - from kids to seniors, Emma is in the unique position of being able to interact with children, youth, adults, and seniors in a variety of venues as well as online. She is followed on social media by a broad audience - from kids and youth to adults and seniors to brands. And when Emma competes in lawn bowls, she does so at both the Junior, U25, and Adult levels -- which places her at generational crossroads with increased frequency. Emma is an incredible bridge between the ages in a great many ways -- something that potential sponsorship and brand partners should find both interesting and appealing. She is vibrant and youthful -- yet understands and empathizes with the challenges of aging. This is a natural by-product of playing a game that includes competitors between the ages of 10 to 100.

Emma Boyd & Jane Boyd
Emma Boyd & Jane Boyd

With the guidance and support of her Manager Jane Boyd (also Emma's mother), Emma is actively seeking sponsorship and brand partner relationships that will support her athletic and academic goals in the coming years.

Types of Sponsorship and Brand Partner Support Emma Boyd is Seeking

Below is a list of the types of support needed to help offset the costs associated with Emma Boyd's athletic and academic goals over the next few years.

Sponsorship Contributions

You can contribute financially to support Emma Boyd through a Sponsorship Contribution. There are various levels available. Payments are accepted online. 

Sponsorship Levels

There are various ways that sponsorship and brand partner relationships can be structured.


These include:

  • financial contributions in exchange for advertising, product placements and/or appearances.
  • in-kind product and service contributions in exchange for logo placement on Emma's website and/or social media mentions and/or brand/product reviews.

We also welcome unsolicited product and service contributions. All items received will be reviewed. Only the products and services that we find to be useful, aligned to Emma's personal beliefs and values and that she chooses to share will be promoted on social media.

In addition, we are actively seeking support in the following areas related to product, service and financial partnerships:

  • Athletic wear (clothing, shoes etc)
  • Lawn bowls and related lawn bowling equipment
  • Healthy food and nutrition (only food and products in compliance with the Canadian Anti-Doping Program will be considered.)
  • Travel and hotel accommodation - in Canada and Internationally - for Emma, Coach and/or Chaperone. (RV, automobile, fuel charges, airfare, ferries, trains, shuttles, parking and hotel costs).
  • Coaching and training expenses
  • Competition Fees
  • Fitness programs and gym memberships
  • Wearable fitness and athletic training tools and technology
  • Technology to support vlogging and live streaming of day to day training and competitions. (Preferred technology includes MacBook Air, iPad, iPhone 7, DSLR camera, related gear such as tripods and video editing software.)
  • Videographers who can help capture and/or edit day to day video of Emma at various locations as she trains and competes locally, nationally and internationally. We would love to partner with some up and coming DRock style talent.
  • Content marketing and brand building tools - website hosting, social media management tools and other tools that would be helpful as Emma builds her online platform and personal brand.
  • Flexible post-secondary education beginning in September 2018. Online degree programs are of particular interest.
  • Other areas yet to be identified

Sponsorship & Brand Partner Opportunities

There are a variety of ways that sponsorship and brand partner relationships can be formally arranged. Private contributions can also be made towards Emma's efforts. All sponsorship and brand partner agreements must be in alignment with Emma's personal values and beliefs and must also meet contractual obligations currently in place related to Emma's lawn bowling career at a national level.

If you are interested in exploring a sponsorship or brand partner relationship with Emma Boyd please complete this form and we will get back to you shortly. You can also send an email to Jane Boyd at:

  • Jane @ 45Conversations dot com

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Media Inquiries: Contact Jane Boyd

  • Telephone: 604-500-7425

  • Email: Jane @ 45Conversations dot com

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