Make Shakespeare Your Own!

Meet Devon Glover -- The Sonnet Man and YOUR Child's Sonnet Writing Teacher!

Devon Glover

There are teachers -- and then there are TEACHERS! Devon Glover is THE teacher your child will LOVE working with!

Known as The Sonnet Man, Devon Glover is a brilliant rap artist and an educator. He's been featured on The Today Show, in Associated Press interviews, by the BBC and in countless other television interviews, website posts and news stories.

Devon KNOWS how to get kids connected to learning, language, music and SO much more! He has taught in public and private schools in New York City and personally tutored countless students around the globe. Today he travels the world setting Shakespeare’s love sonnets to Hip Hop to both entertain and educate. He performs at schools, colleges, universities and theatres everywhere! He also leads small group workshops and interactive learning experiences.

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Through participation in a 3 Day ONLINE Sonnet Writing Workshop, your child will have the opportunity to be part of a very special learning experience. They will:

Learn about William Shakespeare and why his work is so important.

Be introduced to what a sonnet is and why it is such a special poetic device.

Participate in fun, engaging and meaningful online discussions and activities.

Practice writing their own sonnet.

Have an opportunity to present the sonnet they write to Devon and fellow students.

Work directly with Devon Glover, The Sonnet Man in 2 small group sessions.

Meet new friends in a safe online learning environment.

Be invited to contribute to an collaborative learning project. In 2017, The Sonnet Man will be releasing special video montages of his learner's presentations and performances. PLUS - he will also be publishing a collection of sonnets written by students from around the world.

We are accepting registration for our upcoming 2017 ONLINE workshops.  

Click Here to See 2017 Workshop Dates, Times and to Register!

Read on to learn more about what these workshops offer your child.


  • 3 Days of Interactive, Online Learning!

    Includes 2 live video calls with Devon Glover, daily email modules and resources.

  • Parent Resources

    We've prepared special parent information so you can support your child as they learn.

  • Small Group Sizes

    These workshops are for a maximum of 8 students.

  • 2 Hour Video Sessions

    Customized activities based upon learner needs.

  • Learn about Shakespeare

    In a fun and engaging way, your child will explore Shakespeare's sonnets.

  • Write Something!

    No matter how tricky writing is for your child, The Sonnet Man will get them started.

  • All Students Welcome!

    Homeschoolers, Unschoolers, Public & Independent School Students - Devon has worked with kids of all ages, capabilities and learning styles.

  • Special Optional Extras

    Learn about putting sonnets to a beat, be part of a future sonneteer video montage or submit your child's work for possible inclusion in a 2017 book publishing project!

About Our 3 Day Online Sonnet Writing Workshops

We GET Creative and Passionate Learners!

If you're reading this page it's likely you're an amazing parent and you REALLY care about your child's educational experiences! Guess what? We do too!

Screen Shot 2016-11-28 at 8.49.54 PMWe are Devon Glover and Jane Boyd. We are both educators. Devon is based in New York City and Jane is based in the greater Vancouver, Canada area.

Together, we have a true passion for supporting children to learn through self expression, creativity and discovery. And we both LOVE writing -- so anything that gets kids writing makes us both happy.

Working together, we have developed the 3 Day Online Sonnet Writing Workshops. Through them we aim to bring Shakespeare, writing and Devon's unique teaching style to small groups of students around the world. We do this through interactive 8 student video sessions led by Devon, specialized email learning modules, parent support resources and access to optional collaborative student project experiences.


We've created something your child will LOVE being part of! Working with The Sonnet Man and fellow students we bring learning, creativity, poetry and writing together!


More About Us

DSC_0172Devon Glover is known as The Sonnet Man by thousands of students and teachers around the world. His home is New York City, but he spends most of his time traveling, teaching and performing. He has an amazing gift of language, creativity and a truly special approach to working with learners of all ages. Devon has taught in public and private schools in New York and held hundreds of performances around the world as The Sonnet Man.

Jane BoydJane Boyd is founder of 45 Conversations Media & Education Ltd. She has more than 25 years experience training, leading and consulting in the fields of early learning, education and special education.  Jane is based in the Metro Vancouver Area in Canada. She is the parent of 3 unique learners -- who have been part of public, Montessori and independent schools as well as self-directed homeschooling.

Have Your Child Work Directly With Devon Glover!

"Devon is a great teacher who is fun and relatable. He is awesome!"


Adam, 14 year old homeschooling student.

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Through a 3 Day Online Sonnet Writing Workshop Your Child Will . . .


Be part of a small group that works directly with The Sonnet Man via video calls, email learning modules and interaction. 1 to 8 ratio.

Be excited about writing and explore ways to improve their writing skills through creativity and exploration of poetry.

Learn about William Shakespeare through poetry, writing and laughter!

Gain confidence in their speaking and presentation skills -- in a safe, fun and caring environment.


Common Parent Questions

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Q -  Who are 3 Day Online Sonnet Writing Workshops suitable for?

A - The 3 Day Online Sonnet Writing Workshops have been designed for students 8 to 17 years of age. Due to the interactive nature of the online sessions Devon leads with each group; we are successfully able to mix students of various ages together. These workshops are for students who are new to Shakespeare as well as for those who are familiar with his work. We offer different age groupings on various dates.

Q - What exactly are 3 Day Online Sonnet Writing Workshops?

A - A combination of small group interactive online video classes led by Devon Glover plus self directed independent learning work that is supported by supplemental learning materials that are delivered via email.

Q - What dates are the 3 Day Online Sonnet Writing Workshops running?

A - Please refer to the registration table above for the current times and dates of our workshops. We add new dates based upon Devon's travel schedule as well as workshop demand.

Q - Do I or my child need to know a lot about using technology to take this online workshop?

A - We have designed these workshops to be user friendly and not too challenging from the technology perspective. We send all communications about the workshops via email -- so you must have regular access to your email. Each workshop includes 2 small group video sessions. We usually use Google Hangouts or to host these gatherings. We will send you detailed information about how to access the video sessions in advance of the dates you register for. You must use a unique email address for each child you register in our workshops.

Q - My child doesn't know very much about Shakespeare. Will this Online Sonnet Writing Workshop be too difficult for him or her?

A - That's okay! Your child doesn't need to know anything about Shakespeare to be join one of our workshops! Devon is very skilled at working with learners of all ages and abilities.

Q - I have more than one child that I would like to take this workshop. Can I register my children as a group?

A - We'd love to have multiple children from your family in our workshops -- however -- each child must be registered individually using a unique email address. This is to ensure each student receives personal communication and individual invitations to the small group video sessions. We have found that it simply doesn't work well to have children sharing webcam access to these sessions as they often become distracted and find it harder to focus on the group discussions.


Q - As a parent, what is my role in supporting my child in the Online Sonnet Writing Workshop?

A - Depending upon the age of your child the level of support you may need to provide will vary. When you register your child for one of our workshops, we will send you information and communications related to it via email. Each communication will have clear parent and student areas. Please be sure to read the parent information and to share the student information with your child. If your child is new to using Google Hangouts you may need to support them to sign on to the video sessions.

Our goal is to offer a safe, securing and caring learning environment. We expect all of our learners to participate in a respectful and kind matter in these workshops. Should we have any concerns regarding this we will contact you via email. In some cases we may need to remove a student from workshop participation should our concerns not be resolved. We do not offer refunds for situations such as this.

Q - What if my child is sick on the day(s) they are registered for? 

A - If your child becomes sick and cannot attend one of the two video calls with Devon, don't worry they will still receive a summary email updating them about the days learnings. Unfortunately we are unable to share video recordings of the video calls due to student confidentiality.

Q -  What is the refund policy for Online Sonnet Writing Workshops?

A - All Online Sonnet Writing Workshops are non refundable and non transferable. Please be sure to choose the best dates for your schedule as we cannot transfer students between sessions after they are registered. In the case of Instructor illness or cancellation due to circumstances outside of our control, we will reschedule any online small group sessions that are impacted.


  • “I’ve never had so many emails from people saying how much they enjoyed the story and especially the song!” ~ Producer, The Today Show

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More About The Sonnet Man 

Conceived and produced by Broadway Playwright Arje Shaw, The Sonnet Man brings Shakespeare to young audiences in a genre they know and love, which introduces young people to classical literature, raises literacy, improves communication, creates greater enthusiasm for learning, increases creativity, raises confidence, and sets a foundation for the appreciation of the arts.

When performing Devon Glover delivers the sonnets as originally written, and then breaks it down into “spoken word.”Mr. Glover’s flow embodies the richness of Shakespeare’s language, and his passionate, yet natural delivery offers an inspiring, creative experience audiences love.

Mr. Glover’s story is an inspiration in itself. Born and raised along with two brothers by a single mom in Brooklyn, he strives to make something of himself and to give back to his community. He went through the New York City Public School system and is a graduate of Ithaca College. Mr. Glover teaches and conducts workshops/performances in Harlem, Queens, Brooklyn as well as teaching nationally and internationally in England, Canada, Netherlands, Bermuda, Prague, and more. He performed The Sonnet Man in Negril, Jamaica by special invitation from the Board of Education in the Soul Rebellion Hip Hop Festival.

Devon Glover was featured on The Today Show and received tremendous national response. The producer said, “I’ve never had so many emails from people saying how much they enjoyed the story and especially the song!”